**Office Closure Notice –
Effective Tuesday, March 17 At 5:30pm**

Due to the recent and increasing health concerns regarding COVID-19, it has been recommended by the Ontario College of Chiropractors that Ontario Chiropractic Clinics suspend their care to all but ACUTE or EMERGENCY patients. If you consider yourself to be an acute or emergency case, please call Dr. Mark Del Cantero directly at 905-572-0380. If you are unsure what pain or symptoms might be considered an emergency or acute please call Dr. Del Cantero for advice. Please leave a message on that voicemail and he will answer you within 24 hours.

Should Dr. Del Cantero see you in the office due to your acute or emergency health concerns, please know that we have always prioritized a clean, safe, and secure space and continue to keep our office space sanitized and ready for you at all times. We will prioritize helping you while keeping you safe and secure.

We will be assessing these recommendations on a weekly basis, so please stay tuned.

At this point, we will be closed the rest of this week and all of next week (March 23-26) and re-open on Monday, March 30 for regular hours. That being said, it could change depending on the status of the coronavirus in Ontario

We know that this community is strong and will get through this unprecedented event. We will look forward to welcoming you back to the office soon.


Dr. Mark, Grace, and Karen
Team Cedar Springs Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care Ancaster | (905) 648-2058