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Good Posture Makes You Feel Better and More Confident!

My Mom would often tell me the same story when I was a child.  “Mark, when I was your age and in my school in England my teacher would hit the students on the back of the head with a yard stick when they would slouch”.

Although this sounds abusive my Mom had great posture. In fact, the research shows that body posture has an intricate connection to our mood, how we feel and perhaps our level of confidence and success in the world. The phrase, ‘sit up straight with your shoulders back’ that echoes through my mind as I remember my mom’s advice has helped me have good posture.

In a fascinating 1998 study, researcher Kleinke had subjects imitate people with happy facial expressions like smiling and sad facial expressions. This was done into a mirror. The researchers then objectively measured their mood. The astonishing conclusion was that people who imitate smiling faces FEEL HAPPIER. Our physical body posture and stance has DEEP connection to our mood.  We all know how laughter can make us feel good.

The research also shows that poor posture such as rounded shoulders, slouching, head forward and eyes looking down is connected to a protective stance. In chiropractic we say that FLEXION IS PROTECTION. When we are in danger or feel threatened, we intuitively go into this fetal position and round our backs to protect ourselves. This will also make us feel small, defeated and ineffectual. The reactions of others to this “un-confident” posture will amplify those feelings. If you present yourself as defeated then people may react to you as if you are defeated.

When we stand up tall with our shoulders back and head looking forward, we are assuming a more confident and fearless position. This is because we are opening up our vulnerable mid-sections and organs to possible threat and damage. This position of vulnerability also has an effect on how others react to us. The same person with a “confident and tall” posture versus a “defeated and slouched” posture has different effect on people (see picture below).

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The irony is that many people’s posture is STUCK in an “un-confident” position due to no fault of their own. For example, they have been in a car accident or suffered head or neck injury and are chronically injured. If you have poor posture and want to know how to fix it, book yourself into our office for a spinal and postural examination.

So, remember- quit slouching, stand up tall, look forward and face the world confidently and don’t be afraid to let people see the real you. You will feel better!!

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